HT Signs Ltd. is named after Harold Thompson who started his business in the sign industry over 40 years ago.  Upon his passing and with the blessing of his wife, HT Signs Ltd. was opened to continue the work Harold had devoted his life to.  Here at HT Signs Ltd., we are continuing to supply superior products and great customer service.

HT Signs Ltd. is doing everything it can to keep costs down and quality high, allowing us to help our customers see their visions in sign needs, become reality without breaking the bank.  For this reason, I have managed to bring in new customers and treat them as if they have always been family.  Have a look at our Gallery and see some of our new family.



HT Signs Ltd. started with a passion for wanting to offer businesses a superior product at an affordable price.  Allowing both established and new start-up business the opportunity to have their sign needs met at a price they could afford.  By keeping our costs down, we can pass those savings on to our valued customers.


HT Signs Ltd. leads the industry when it comes to helping people reach their signage goals. At HT Signs paying attention to detail, providing products with superior quality that will allow you to stand out from your competition. Having a creative graphic design capability can redefine your company’s profile. HT Signs works with the best in transforming traditional sign making craftsmanship with computer assisted design and production.